Gnome Garden Arts

Paul’s unique creations inspired by nature, local landscapes and all things mystical. His work finds the intersection between real and fantasy or painting/drawing and AI or future and past. Future Past prints brings original art to t shirts, totes, limited edition prints and laser engraved cork coasters.

As the long time partner and fellow artist Rebekah, brings her nutritionists eye to growing tasty micro greens for the farmers market patrons. Micro greens are some of the most nutrient dense foods along with fresh grown produce and locally raised meats. As a nutritional practitioner and practitioner that works with doctors alike to bring wellness to the whole family with her private counseling with Nectar Wellbeing. The birth of Gnome Garden Arts was created. Paul + Rebekah + Isa = Gnome Garden Arts.

Gnome Garden Arts can only be found at the Wayne County Farmers' Market. Come visit this unique booth for visual delights and greens to promote health.

At the Market

Below are products or services that we provide at the farmers' market. Some items may be seasonal and not available ever week. If you have any specific questions about our products and availability, please contact us!

Original Art Work
Micro Greens (Organic)